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MAM Resale Store Update - We Need You Now!

Difficult times demand difficult decisions. We are experiencing those times today throughout our community, state, nation and world.

As a community-based organization, MAM depends upon volunteers to deliver helping services to our community. And the health and safety of our volunteers is very important to us.

We made a very hard decision TODAY to ask volunteers in high-risk categories to stay home and lessen the spread of the coronovirus. We deeply appreciate their service and owe them the same loyalty and dedication as they have shown us.

The reduction in our volunteer force has significantly decreased our ability to operate our warehouse. At the same time, it is important to keep our Resale Store operating to contribute revenue that will support the ongoing assistance our community will need in the coming weeks and months.

To deal with this situation, we must do the following:

Keep the MAM Resale Store open until further notice
Temporarily close the MAM Donation Center and cease accepting donations from March 16th - March 21st.
(UPDATE 03/16/2020 - We have had great response to our call for volunteers and have filled all the open spots. We will post additional openings if they become available) For anyone not classified by the CDC as an at-risk individual, please consider volunteering temporarily at MAM to help us keep our store operating until we return to normal. To volunteer, please follow this link to sign up via Sign Up Genius!
At this point, the closure of the Donation Center is for one week only. We will continue to follow the situation and keep everyone updated.

As families are threatened with loss of income, savings will decline and MAM may need to step in to help. We appreciate the support of our community that allows us to shift into disaster assistance, while still moving families from survival to stability to thriving.


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