About MAM


To assure families have the means to meet their basic needs.


Offer programs enabling long-term financial self-sufficiency

Assist families facing financial crisis avoid homelessness

Assure children an improved school experience

Facilitate client access to other support networks

Provide value to our member congregations and the community


Philosophy of Service:

Our philosophy of service is one of personalized support, believing that every client is capable, creative, and whole.


As responsible stewards, we are grounded in faith, offering hope, preserving dignity, and open to all.

MAM History


MAM began with the faith community standing as one to meet the needs of the poor during one of Houston's most difficult economic downturns.  On December, 1981, 13 local churches and 1 synagogue responded to a call from Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church to attend a meeting for the proposal of a coalition of Memorial Area Churches to develop a network for emergency services for families living in poverty.  


That 'network' officially became known as MAM in June of 1982.  Since that time, MAM has remained focused on delivering programs of family stability with faith that all in need will feel welcome.