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Our Community Is Stronger, Together!

Everyone needs someone in their corner. 
This year, more than ever, families need your help.

At MAM, families find stability in challenging times. They develop skills, gain confidence, and access resources for a better future.

No one should have to go through a crisis alone. Families come to MAM to get on the path from just getting by, to stability, to thriving. And we are with them every step of the way! We all become more successful with someone by our side. Your gifts make sure everyone has someone walking beside them as they build a better life. 

MAM’s ability to help thousands of families each year is only possible with your support. Please consider a year-end gift to help even more families in our community reach their goals and dreams. 

  • Your gift helps families stay in their homes with the lights turned on.

  • Your generosity allows a mother to learn English and communicate with her child’s teacher.

  • Your support ensures a father can get a better job through vocational training.

  • Your donation provides mental health counseling for a teen struggling with stress and anxiety.

Thank you for joining us in building strong families and caring communities.

Want to donate via PayPal or Venmo? Click here.

Give online or mail your donation to:

Memorial Assistance Ministries

Office of Fund Development

1625 Blalock Road

Houston, TX 77080


Contact Joanie Wentz, 

Vice President of Fund Development

(713) 701-5946‬

[email protected]

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