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Rudy & Katherine, Part 1

Christmas Eve, 1997

Katherine and Rudy sat in the pew with their three children waiting for Christmas Eve service to begin. Rudy was so grateful to be here with his family - safe, happy and healthy.

After losing his job and getting sick, Rudy came so close to losing his family's home. His youngest, RJ, had been so excited to start kindergarten at the same school with his big sisters, but the family was facing eviction and they would have to move to a new school district on the other side of town. Friends at church did what they could to help with food and prayers.

That month they couldn't pay their rent and were praying for a miracle, their pastor told Rudy about MAM. MAM was one of many miracles that year, helping them get back on their feet and stay in their home and neighborhood.

Rudy found a new job driving a delivery truck, RJ started school, and the girls made lots of new friends at church. Rudy felt truly blessed that holiday season.

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