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Lessons from Liz: "Ouch"

It was so exciting to receive a dividend check from my insurance company. I opened the envelope as I entered the gym to exercise. It was the worst exercise session of my life because I didn't see the edge of the treadmill and tripped over it landing head first. I was significantly scared enough to think that I needed my head examined in more ways than one.

The good news was that the dividend check covered my copay at the emergency room. The total bill was 100 times greater than my dividend check.

If you don't have health insurance, call MAM to make an appointment to see about the Harris Health System "Gold Card." This is a health care safety net for the citizens of Harris County. You will be asked to bring identification, proof of address, proof of household composition, proof of income for the last 30 days, and immigration status if applicable.

Other than feeling that this was a careless and avoidable accident, I was glad to get the results from the MRI. I was not glad when the radiologist said that my brain was appropriate for my age - it sounded insulting! I eat blueberries and try to learn new skills. I will try to avoid accidents in the future so I don't have to speak to him!


Information sessions about Harris Health are held on Mondays & Wednesdays at 8:30am

First come, first serve for the first 12 people

(please do not arrive before 8:00 am)

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