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Lessons from Liz: No Leftovers?

We all think about saving more money each month with the intention of having more "leftover." For most people that doesn't work. We see it, we spend it. The key to financial success is to not see it. Savings should be taken out at the beginning of a pay period, and that means that you have just paid yourself first. That is important because your financial future is important. Women and men need to save more because they are living longer. Open a savings account and instruct the bank to take the amount you want to save from your check. People are surprised to learn it could be just ten dollars. Whatever amount you are comfortable with can be a good starting point. You don't miss what you don't see.

Some like to spend their money on things to be like others. You don't need to be like others if it causes more debt. It is easier to find new friends.

Some times looking at the "long run" cost can be a place to save. I love the vegetable sushi roll at the grocery and put one in my basket every time I go to the store. The cost is $5.95 a package. I thought how easy it would be to have this everyday. When looking at that amount per day, the cost per year would be $2,190 a year. In twenty years it would be $43,830! After looking at these numbers, I decided that it would be purchased on a special occasion only. What would you give up?

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