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Part 1: How MAM Saved Our Christmas

Cynthia reached out and took the last ornament off their Christmas tree and placed it in the box. It was a pink ball that said, "Baby's 1st Christmas." Sophie was now a very busy 4 year old currently trying to stick a left-over gift bow on the cat's head. She thought of how wonderful their Christmas had been.

They had come a long way in the past 4 months. Cynthia's mind returned to the last week of August. Her neighborhood was okay, but water was invading home and buildings we never thought possible. As with everyone, she was glued to the TV with her mom and Sophie on the couch. Praying for everyone to be okay. Wishing desperately there was something they could do to help. There was no way they could get to the large distribution sites at the GRB or NRG, but they knew MAM was always helping people in their neighborhood.

Read more about this family in Part 2.


This holiday season, you can help a family when there is nowhere else to turn.

With your donation, families will be able to stay in their homes and learn skills and tools that will help them be self-sufficient in the year to come.

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