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Part 3: How MAM Saved Our Christmas

Cynthia is a single mom, living with her mom Marcela, and daughter Sophie. She lost her job after Hurricane Harvey, and was stressed to care for her family.

(Read Part 1 and Part 2 of their story.)


While Cynthia's home was spared from the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey, the office where she worked was not so lucky. Immediately after the flooding, her boss called and told her their office building was damaged and would need repairs. He would still pay her wages, but there would be no place to work for a couple of weeks. She was so grateful to have her continued income.

After three weeks, the work had continually been delayed due to the huge demand on clean-up crews and builders, and her income had been reduced by half. In the fourth week, she received the phone call. Her boss was closing his business - he just couldn't meet the costs of repairing the building and paying the employees any longer. While she understood the decision, her security was now in jeopardy.

Cynthia sat down at the table and went through her bills. She had saved enough to get her family through November, but what about December? The next two months, she desperately looked for another job. Finally, breaking down and crying, she told her mom what was happening. Marcela suggested they go to MAM and see if they could help with a solution - MAM had helped her friend down the street when her husband lost his job.

Look for Part 4 on December 30th to find out how MAM helped Cynthia.


This holiday season, you can help a family when there is nowhere else to turn.

With your donation, families will be able to stay in their homes and learn skills and tools that will help them be self-sufficient in the year to come.

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