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Adela & Robert

Both Robert and Adela* grew up in Spring Branch. Today, they are raising two children attending Spring Woods High School. It seems like MAM has been a part of their family forever — through their own school days and their parents' experiences as well.

Robert remembers MAM helping his mother with rent when his dad was in the hospital and couldn't work. And Adela said it seems just like yesterday when she could read the blackboard for the first time after MAM helped her parents buy her eyeglasses. But their most recent experience is the one that continues to change their lives the most.

Three years ago, Robert was laid off from a job in a warehouse and signed up for MAM's Employment Certification Program. He always had an interest in healthcare and MAM enrolled him into a Certified Nursing Assistant Program. Robert soon received his certification and got a new job working as a CNA in a local nursing home. He later took more medical certification classes and now supervises a department of six staff members in a local phlebotomy clinic. Encouraged by his success, Adela came to MAM and learned how to improve her office skills. She quickly landed a job working for an accounting office.

Both Robert and Adela remember how the staff and volunteers at MAM's Employment Program made them feel. Robert came to MAM feeling rejected because he was laid off from his job. He soon felt like he was in control and had the power and confidence to improve his family's life. Adela came to MAM cautious because of her own perceived lack of job skills. She soon felt empowered, like she could do anything she set her mind to do. All they each needed was a team of support people to encourage them and help them realize their own strengths.

Robert and Adela have significantly raised their income over the last three years. They worked on saving money, which allowed Robert to obtain more certifications and get a supervisor position. Today, they both participate in employer-sponsored retirement plans and have a growing savings account. Through a scholarship program, Adela is taking classes at a community college working on an associates degree in accounting. Perhaps she didn't realize that her great managing of the family budget was on-the-job training for her career!

Adela's son and daughter are also going to be thinking about college soon, so a college savings plan is next on their family agenda. They are providing a good life for their family and good examples for their children to follow.

We hope you are happy to see your gifts to MAM being put to good work and proud of Robert and Adela for being a great part of the neighborhoods that make our community a special place to live, work and play. Please consider making a year-end gift to help MAM continue to provide valuable life-changing programs.

*names have been changed and a stock photo used for the privacy of the family.

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