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Church on Sunday

Did you know?

There are 34 churches in Houston that place trust in MAM’s mission to provide basic needs to families in crisis. These communities of people give us the inspiration and purpose to provide hope for neighbors in need. Holding true to their own missions of faith, they provide the blueprint for successfully looking after the needs of people.

They support MAM by:

  • Praying for those working in our ministries and those we serve

  • Providing annual contributions

  • Having one representative serve on the Congregation Council by attending meetings and communicating MAM’s activities and needs to the congregation

  • Conducting special drives to serve MAM clients in need

  • Helping recruit volunteers, who will be screened and trained by MAM to work in all ministry areas

  • Contributing goods to be sold in the MAM Resale Store

We are thankful to all of our member congregations for providing the foundation, funds, volunteers and spiritual nourishment we need to change lives.


Just like our congregations have done for 35 years, your support allows MAM to continue to provide valuable programming and services to help families in our local community. Please consider an gift to MAM today. Thank you!

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