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Become a MAM Stepping Stone!

A family’s pathway to a better life has many steps. Making lifelong changes takes time and lots of hard work. Every family is unique and faces different challenges. They are united by their will to work hard to make meaningful change.

MAM’s Stepping Stones Monthly Giving Program gives our community a chance to help our neighbors become stronger - a chance to support them on each step in their path toward success.

Pat became a Stepping Stones Monthly Donor because she wanted to find more ways to support an organization she cared about. Each of Pat’s monthly gifts represents a stepping stone for a family and one more way she is supporting their hard work.

“It was easier on my budget to think about what I could afford every month vs a one-time gift. Now I’m helping a family every month.”

Families takes many steps down a path that will lead them to a better life. Being supported while taking one step at a time, month after month, makes every step easier and every achievement that much more meaningful.

Find out how you can become a MAM Stepping Stone at


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