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Gifts to MAM support families on their journey to a better life!

Marie* came to MAM a few years ago because she needed a job. She enrolled in the Employment Services program and began updating her resume and learning new skills like how to search for jobs, network and interview. We invited Marie to attend the Certified Nursing Assistant Program when she expressed an interest in providing personal care for others. After receiving her certification, she was offered a full time position as a CNA and has enjoyed working in the medical field. This spring, we invited Marie to attend a certification class for Phlebotomy so she could continue on a career track in Healthcare. She completed the Phlebotomy Certification Program at MAM and began searching for a new job. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, she interviewed at MD Anderson. She did great, got the job, and started immediately!

* Name changed and stock photo used at client's request (Source: Pixabay)


Our generous community helps hundreds of people like Marie who are hard-working, ambitious people looking for an opportunity to succeed.

You still have time this year to be a helping hand for someone willing to work hard to get ahead! We hope you will make a year-end contribution to support families on their journey to a better life.


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