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"I love learning new things"

Karen came to the U.S. in 2017, escaping the unrest in her home country of Venezuela where she was a resident in Pediatric surgery. Once in Houston, she started working as a cook in a restaurant and registered for English classes at MAM. Karen loved the small group classes where everyone could participate, and thought her teacher was excellent. Karen was determined and very focused on improving her English skills to get a better job.

“I had so many jobs. I was a cook, a waitress, cleaned houses and construction sites, worked at Uber and delivered food. I love learning new things, am very curious, and ask a lot of questions.”

She scheduled an appointment with MAM Employment Services, where she worked on her resume, job search, and interview skills while also attending the Employment Certification Program (ECP).

“I am very grateful. The help I received was very important. I got a good resume and coaching sessions ... I was ready to find a new job!”

Karen completed her ECP class and coaching sessions and was soon hired full-time as an Internet Sales Associate at Costco.

“I love my job! There are so many opportunities to advance. After 3 months here, I got a raise and a bonus. My manager liked the way I work, and they asked me to train to be a Seasonal Supervisor. I will be making more money in 6 months. With the coronavirus situation, I am very busy. I am working all the time and doing overtime."

"I have friends at work, and they ask me where I learned English. I always tell them to take classes at MAM. I tell them, ‘They will help you. They are excellent!’ ”


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