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MAM at Home: Family Assistance Reception Desk

MAM has adjusted how we do business to offer client services while staff are working from home. For the next few weeks, we will be giving insight on how staff are keeping it “business as usual."

First up, is the front desk! The smiling faces you see when you walk in the main lobby are now fielding up to 150 calls a day, with that number expected to rise as we get closer to the first of the month and rent is due. We are even getting calls from out of state!

Both Office Coordinator Aurora and Scheduling Assistant Phyllis commented that people are so happy we are picking up the phone or calling them back quickly. Many people report hearing about MAM from their friends or neighbors, so we know our word of mouth recommendations are still strong during this hard time. One person even said “Y’all are the only ones helping!” Aurora and Phyllis screen and qualify clients, then make an appointment with the program that can get them the help they need quickly.

Clients are in surprisingly good spirits with one saying, “We got through Harvey; we can get through this.” Phyllis talked with 2 different ladies who were both making soups with herbs and antioxidants to help their families’ immune systems, and one even shared her recipe!

We know we live in a strong community and hearing some positives during a hard time gives us the strength to continue. Thank you to Aurora and Phyllis for being our front-line friendlies and keeping the spirit of being a caring place going, while social distancing.


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