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Volunteer Highlight: Peter

Peter started volunteering with MAM in November 2017 and has served over 1,700 hours since then! Here is his story:

"I joined MAM as a volunteer in November 2017 at 12 hours per week. I had completed a rehab program and needed to get my life back together. Working with the MAM volunteers in the sorting warehouse gave me back my sense of responsibility and accountability for a useful and rewarding cause."

The opportunity to give something back to life has been fantastic! I now live with a feeling of self-worth with the humility of being allowed to help others.

"I continue to volunteer several afternoons a week. I work mostly in the electronics and electrical area but will help any other department when required.

The staff and volunteers are wonderful to volunteer with and they’re all very committed to making MAM have a huge impact on the community. My role in turning the generous community donations into useful goods for the needy and money to fund the many programs is a small part of a fantastic organization. I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service."

We’re grateful for you, Peter! Thank you for everything you bring to MAM and our community!


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