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We Miss Our Volunteers!

Throughout the pandemic, it’s been an inspiration to see your flexibility and willingness to try new things as we moved our programs online and adapted precautions for our Resale Store and Warehouse. You are part of an amazing group!

You know how much you did, but we got to see a bigger picture – hundreds of volunteers like you invested thousands of hours into our community last year! Even though we spent most of the year apart, together you all were a part of something really special. Thank you!

If you want to volunteer in person but are at high risk (according to CDC Guidelines) we can work with that! You can volunteer in person in the Resale Warehouse, where we’ve implemented plenty of precautions and can ensure everyone’s safety. Please email Stephanie Tippitt at [email protected]


And there are many of you who haven’t been able to volunteer with us during this strange season. We miss seeing your faces and look forward to when we can all be back together! Some of those folks we’re looking forward to seeing again:

And so many more of you!


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