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Practice English at Home

You will learn faster if you practice at home! If you only practice in class you will still make progress, but it will be slower. There are many ways you can practice at home!

To practice English, you can:

  • watch TV in English

  • talk to friends, neighbors or family in English

  • go to the library

  • ask your tutor for practice reading materials


To practice reading and writing, you can:

  • read for at least ten minutes every day

  • keep a journal and write down what you do each day

  • write shopping lists and calendar items for practice

  • read aloud to someone in your family.

Here are some websites we recommend:
  • Duolingo - Learn other languages for free! There's an app for your phone and lots of fun ways to practice.

  • English Central - Watch videos to help you learn vocabulary, and practice pronunciation.

  • Business English Pod - Learn Business English online (this course is on iTunes, but the courses are free).

  • Open Learning Initiative's American English Speech - All courses are free. You can create an account to save your work, or use the site without an account (though your work will not be saved).

  • EngVid - Free English video lessons. These videos of real classes will help you learn idioms, practice vocabulary, and learn conversation skills.

  • Speaking Your Best - Practice pronunciation and listen to how the American accent sounds using these free videos.

  • A4ESL - Activities for ESL students, including grammar, vocabulary and puzzles.

  • Pumarosa - For Spanish speakers who want to learn English basics.

  • - Literacy, technology and math skills, all for FREE! There are more than 750 lessons, and you can learn at your own pace.

  • Many Things - Games and activities for ESL students. You can choose from vocabulary lists, crossword puzzlespronunciationlistening exercises, and much much more!

  • ESL Cafe - Learn about idiomsslang, and more!

  • Focus English - Develop conversational English skills. Listen to native speakers talk about various topics; learn useful idioms; learn common words and phrases; test your vocabulary skills in everyday English; and practice responding, in English, to real-life conversations.

  • ESL Partyland - Use the learning pages to get topic-based English language practice. Topics include: dating and relationshipsfoodinternetmediamoviesmusic; and travel.

  • ESL Gold - Practice speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more!

  • ESL Listening Lab - Listen to everyday conversations with adult and children's voices. Listening quizzes are divided into 'Easy', 'Medium' and 'Difficult'.

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