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Transforming lives and communities through the doorway of literacy.

Since 1964, Literacy Advance of Houston has assisted and empowered adults to achieve personal goals and self-sufficiency through improved literacy. Trained volunteer tutors help deliver a variety of free programs at three locations across the Houston area.

On November 9, 2018 Literacy Advance of Houston officially became part of the MAM Family!  (read more about it here)

Together we can better meet the demand for our programs, bring a broader range of services to more families, and those families can transition to a higher level of stability through combined services.  With the consolidation of leadership staff, accounting, development and other administrative functions, we can better steward the community resources

Click here to find out more about the Literacy Advance's Program at MAM

Can I still donate to Literacy Advance?

Yes! MAM honors your support of Literacy Advance services. They know how much local supporters can do with their gifts and together, we take our role as stewards of these gifts very seriously. MAM is noted for its transparency and its careful allocation of all gifted funds.

MAM puts your money where you intend it to go – where it benefits families the most.


This is a new chapter, and we hope that you will:

  1. Stay in touch for updates via newsletters and other communications channels (subscribe here);

  2. Get to know MAM by taking a look at our website or calling to arrange a tour;

  3. Attend some MAM events over the course of the next year;

  4. Continue to support Literacy Advance and MAM with your financial gifts.

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