Free Tax Preparation

January 30 - April 15, 2021


Offered at MAM by Baker Ripley Community Developers

baker ripley tax center.png

At Memorial Assistance Ministries - 1625 Blalock, 77080

  • Mondays:  1:00-7:00pm

  • Tuesdays:  Closed

  • Wednesdays:  Closed

  • Thursdays:  1:00-7:00pm

  • Fridays:  1:00-7:00pm

  • Saturdays:  9:00am-3:00pm

  • Sundays 12:00-4:00pm  (closed on Easter Sunday April 4th)

By Appointment Only

To schedule your time, please click here

Who is Eligible?

Families/Individuals earning up to $58,000 per year