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Teacher & Tutor Resources

In order to provide lesson materials that match up with students' goals, we have an extensive collection of resources, arranged into topic areas, in our Tutor Resource Room at our Wilcrest location (2424 Wilcrest #120).


All MAM volunteer tutors and teachers are welcome to visit at any time during opening hours and browse the resources. Many can even be borrowed for a limited time!

Online Resources:

We know it can be difficult to know where to start when you're planning lessons — and that's often because there are so many options! Please find below a selection of websites that we recommend. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but we hope it may be helpful.

ESL, Listening & Speaking:

  • English Media Lab - Games, quizzes, audio files, videos and more to help practice English online

  • Multilevel ESL activities - try these in While You're Waiting, or even in your regular class!

  • ELLLO - English Listening Lesson Library Online

  • Boggles World ESL - printable resources for language learning

  • ESL Cafe - for ESL tutors and students

  • Many Things - an interesting and popular resource for ESL

  • 1 Language - free ESL resources and ideas

  • Wyzant - ideas for tutors, resources and lesson plans

  • Using English - resources, reference and ideas for ESL tutors


Lesson Plans


How Adults Learn:


  • Adult Learner Persistence Project - What's the difference between dropping out and stopping out? How can we help adult learners persist in their learning and make real progress towards their goals? This great site from the New England Literacy Resource Center presents findings and suggestions.

  • Managing Stress to Improve Learning - Another winner from the New England Literacy Resource Center, this site aims to equip learners in adult education programs with strategies for managing a high level of chronic stress that interferes with effective learning and the ability to reach life improvement goals for themselves and their families.

  • About Reading and Reading Difficulties - Reading and writing are fundamental skills that every individual needs to possess. They provide the foundations for almost every area of personal and economic development. Yet some people struggle more than others. Why?

  • Total Physical Response - A popular approach for teaching ESL, this site collects a lot of different resources and information about Total Physcial Response (TPR) in one place for ESL tutors to use as appropriate.


Family Literacy:

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