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Disaster Relief & Recovery: Covid-19

Covid-19 Assistance

What kind of help is available?

MAM is now able to offer the following services remotely:

  • Basic Needs Assistance

  • Financial Education and Coaching

  • Employment Services

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Case Management

  • Immigration Legal Services  

  • Covid-19 Lost Loved Ones Bereavement Program


We also have the capacity to offer remote ESL and Citizenship classes and online sales for the Resale Store.

Disaster Relief & Recovery

Dealing with a world-wide crisis of unknown duration may be one of the most difficult things most of us will ever deal with in our lifetime.  For families with no safety net, the crisis may be unbearable. 

For nearly 40 years, families have been turning to MAM for help during times of crisis, including hurricanes, floods, fires, loss of jobs, medical emergencies, etc. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic rapidly evolves in the city of Houston, thousands of families have lost their jobs and wonder how they will be able to pay the rent and buy food over the coming weeks and months. Today, MAM’s staff is hard at work, virtually providing essential services to support the many families who have been devastated by the COVID-19 situation.

MAM works with some of the most vulnerable families in north and west Houston. Families living in poverty – living paycheck to paycheck.  MAM is providing financial assistance for those in need of basic needs, as well as employment and financial coaching, English & citizenship classes, immigration legal services, and mental health counseling.

It is times like this when we rally around our neighbors and the importance of our collective efforts is evident more than ever. 


We hope you will join us to ensure local families in our community have what they need to remain stable and healthy today, so we can all enjoy a brighter tomorrow.

“We are people of faith and community.  We will continue to be prudent, but not fearful, trusting that together we will provide the love and support our neighbors will need in the coming days and months,”

--Sonja Gee, MAM President & CEO.

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