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Natalie & Sara (Part 2)

Eight-year-old Sara received a bag of toys and a soft white furry blanket with pictures of puppies! Since their budget is stretched thin, the Christmas toys and blanket mean a lot to this family.

Sara's daddy went to heaven this year and she has been sad for a very long time. Her mom Natalie went to MAM for help getting a job. Then a counselor talked to both of them about their loss. Sara and her mommy cried together in the nice man's office. Sara's mom has a job now and they are starting to be happy again, but she still misses her daddy every day.


When a family falls upon hard times, MAM's Christmas Share program lifts a tiny bit of burden away from parents struggling to care for their children. This year, MAM is providing over 600 children with toys and blankets to brighten the holidays in their home.

Families and businesses throughout the area contribute toys, blankets and gift cards to provide a Merry Christmas for those less fortunate. And this year was very merry!

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