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Back to School

If your family needs help with school clothing, please click here

Start Your Own Back to School Fundraiser!

  1. Visit 2024 MAM Back to School

  2. Click the button labeled “Create my own fundraising page!

  3. On the pop-up window, enter name and email address. Click Create My Page 

  4. You will receive an email with the subject line Personalize your Crowdfunding page - do not share link with a link to an editable version of congregation’s own page. Click Personalize my page

  5. Click the pencil icon to edit the items (name; goal; image; reason to donate) 

  6. Leave the check mark on the Show Supporter List, otherwise the names of your supporters won’t appear on the page 

  7. Click Save and Publish when edits are completed. A pop-up box will appear. Click Got It! and close the browser. 

  8. You will receive an email with the subject line Support my fundraising effort. After updating your page, this email can be forwarded to congregation members, friends, or family to direct them to your congregation fundraising page.   

Fundraising Challenge

Challenge a neighboring business, organization, or another department to see who can reach their goal first! We are here to help if you need anything to make your FUNdraiser a success! Contact us at [email protected] if you have questions.

Please note: Fundraising pages are for companies, groups, or individuals to help raise funds for MAM, not for personal fundraising purposes.

If your family needs help please contact your school's Communities in Schools (CIS) Student Support Manager or the School Office directly to find out if your school participates in MAM's Back to School program.

Tips for Fundraising

Tips for your fundraiser

Be sure to include:

  • A monetary goal! $50 can purchase clothing for one child, so for example, if you choose a goal of $1,000, it equals new school clothes for 20 children!​

  • A short description of why you have chosen to support this cause. This will help you when you ask your family, friends and network to support you.​

  • Images and/or video - we have them available to here!

Here are a few ways to get donations coming in:

  • Be social! Built in to your fundraising page are social media icons to make it very easy to share your fundraiser to your social networks. (view sample social media posts)

  • Send an email! Get your email list together and send a nice note asking for support with a link to your page. (view a sample email)

  • Encourage healthy competition! Challenge a neighboring business, organization, classroom or another department to see who can reach their goal first

  • Don't forget to say "Thank You!" Consider publicly thanking your donors via social media, with a quick email, or even handwritten note. They will love it!

Images & Video Links:

Logos & Images for use:

To download the images below, hover over the image you want to use, and click the download arrow icon.

Square Images
Banners / Headers

Sample Messaging:

Copy and edit these sample posts. Include an image or video from above and make them as fun as you like!

Don’t forget to tag us! MAM is on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn @mamhouston

#mamhouston #mambacktoschool #backtoschoolhouston

Email & Newsletters

[Business/Organization Name] prides itself on giving back to our community. To continue this tradition, we have partnered with Memorial Assistance Ministries to help children get new school clothing through their Back to School program. Families living in poverty in our community often have a hard time paying the bills and feeding their children. Additional costs for Back to School, means they might fall behind on rent or bills. 

We encourage our [employees/patrons/customers/clients/etc.] to join us in supporting MAM’s Back to School Program. Each $50 donation means a child will start the school year with new uniforms, ready to learn. Please consider sponsoring a child today!

Join our team to donate online at 2024 MAM Back to School.

Image & Video Downloads
Sample Messaging
Sample posts for Social Media

Help kids start the school year with new school uniforms through MAM’s Back to School Program. Just $50 can provide new school clothing for a child in need! 

Join [Business/Organization Name]’s team and donate online. Look for us at

@mamhouston #mamhouston #mambacktoschool #backtoschoolhouston


Children in our community need your help!


[Business/Organization Name] has teamed up with MAM (Memorial Assistance Ministries) to help children get new school clothing! 

For more information or to donate online, visit

@mamhouston #mamhouston #mambacktoschool #backtoschoolhouston


We can help 3,000 local children start the school year with new school uniforms! [Business/Organization Name] is collecting monetary donations for MAM’s Back to School program to provide low-income families with new school clothing. With your help, parents can shop for uniforms with their kids. 

Donations can be made at [Location] or online at

@mamhouston #mamhouston #mambacktoschool #backtoschoolhouston

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