English Classes (ESL)

MAM offers two ways for adults to learn English. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs are offered in two styles to meet our students' needs.

MAM ESL Program
(Spring Branch)
MAM Literacy Advance ESL Program (Wilcrest)
Are classes different at each location?

While our students can learn English at either location, the classes are slightly different. Students at both locations have had tremendous success learning English, and the differences allow students to select the best method of learning for themselves!

  • At MAM (Spring Branch): Classes are offered in a traditional classroom setting, and one-on-one tutoring is offered outside of classes. Classes are taught at MAM's main office (on Blalock) and at satellite locations in the Spring Branch area. The traditional class size and diversity offers students an opportunity to interact in many ways.

  • At MAM (Wilcrest): Classes use a "pathway learning" approach, which teaches English to students with personalized (individualized) goals, such as learning English for work. Classes are small, typically 6-10 students. 

Main Office: 1625 Blalock Road, Houston, TX 77080  |  (713) 468-4516

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