English Classes (ESL)

College Students in Classroom

MAM’s adult English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are for people who want to speak and understand English better.  Non-native English speakers will be empowered to go to work and participate in their children’s education and our community.

There are six instructional levels, from Foundations for Beginners to Advanced Conversation. Currently, all classes are provided virtually, but more than six sites are used when in-person classes are available.

Student fees: $30 per semester; all learning materials are provided at no cost to the student.

Other details: MAM classes feature ‘small groups’ that promote a sense of team, personal connections and conversation; community volunteers are our teachers.



You may begin your registration process by calling or texting

(281) 849-4393

You must be 18 or older, a resident with the Houston Metropolitan area and not be on probation for a violent crime.

How to Register:

To schedule a registration appointment: 


  • Call or text (281) 849-4393

  • During your appointment, you will take a test to determine your class level and discuss class availability



We will collect your credit/debit card payment at the time you are signed up for a class.


Your class fees must be collected before you can begin classes.

While you wait for a class:

There are classes you can take! We will give you information about them at Student Registration, or click here to find out about our Special Classes.

Class Schedule 

Contact us for more information: