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Financial Education & Coaching

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Financial Coaching


MAM's financial education program is designed to help individuals and families better understand their income and spending habits, develop and follow a household budget and to find ways to increase income, reduce expenses and plan for the future.


We offer workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. Our methods are designed to identify and build upon what you already know and do well and to share ideas, options and tools that can help you moving forward.

Video Conference

To enroll in Financial Coaching Service please complete the following form:


Para registrarse en el Servicio de Coaching Financiero por favor completar la siguiente forma:

Financial Education Classes


If you want to improve your personal finances, join any of our finance classes!  


A variety of topics are covered, and the 1-hour classes are available in English or Spanish.


Please contact us for the dates and times of the next class, or check the calendar below.

Upcoming Classes
For more information, please contact us:
Melissa Paz
Indira Frias
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