2018 Impact Report

Thank you for making this a caring community.

Letter from the President & CEO

Several years ago, MAM used the theme “Together we are a Caring Community,” and it has truly stuck. Together, we still make a caring community. I have often said the assistance ministry model for social services is brilliant. The combination of people of faith living out their call to love one another, along with professionals from social services creates a space where people who want to help can do so in truly effective ways.

The 2018 Impact Report shows love for our neighbors in action. MAM staff and volunteers are working with their neighbors to support them in their abilities to remain securely housed, maintain employment, develop a career path, understand and manage their finances and learn the English Language. The striking news is that families are excited to access this network of opportunities to master new skills and build a better life for their families.

You, the people who support us financially, play a critical role. Your gift has made all this possible and demonstrates to our neighbors that you believe in their ability to improve their lives – with a little help from MAM. We are proud to share the results of your 2018 giving with unduplicated clients and audited results. 

Together, we make a caring community and we are most grateful.

Many blessings,

Martha Macris

MAM President & CEO

At MAM, we know people are whole and capable, but occasionally need their neighbors to walk alongside them to provide support along the way.  

25,442 individuals (unduplicated)


9,138 families

found help at MAM in 2018.

In 2018 your neighbors were able to:


Literacy Advance of Houston
joined the MAM Network of Programs
in November 2018.




55,809 hours

of service



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Sources of Support - MAM 2018.png



2018 Financial Position.png


Lisa grew up without laughter, love or smiles. It was the worst time of her life. Her parents rarely showed any interest and she always felt alone. She learned to do many things on her own and her childhood quickly disappeared.

She eventually dropped out of school and married her high school sweetheart, thinking marriage would cure her years of loneliness. They both struggled to make ends meet on minimum wage jobs. Her marriage ended in divorce and soon after, she found out she was expecting a baby.

Lisa was referred to MAM by her church pastor. Determined to give her baby everything, she enrolled in the Employment Services Program. Lisa was also referred to mental health counseling to heal from the emotional scars of childhood neglect. MAM Family Assistance helped her pay the rent and apply for insurance for her baby. She even enrolled in GED classes at MAM to be a good role-model for her son. Today she is stronger and more confident, making a livable wage with big plans for the future!

After finding help at MAM,

I feel stronger

now than ever before!!

2018 Financial Documents

IRS Form 990

Annual Audit



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